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Cliff RobinsonDanee is serving a church mission for the next 18 months. She will return not only a stronger testimony of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, but with addition maturity - she will also be old enough - in the sight of those that hold Opera singing competitions. Long story! Her desire to serve the Lord for a year and a half will benefit her, so many others, and her music. The time will fly by and she will be back at her studies. We love you Danee - Dad2014 05/26 08:23:46.9205415
Danee's DadHaven't made a post in a while. Danee is currently working on Handel's Rejoice Greatly from the Messiah (she likes the Kiri te Kanawa rendition), Eric Satie's Je Te Veux, Robert Schumann's Du bist wie eine Blume (she like Kiri on this one too), and just auditioned with Pucinni's aria Quando m'en Vo (she likes the Renee Fleming rendition of this one). She is really enjoying school and her voice professor. 2013 10/02 20:30:30.2599092
Euterpe GHer voice and accent make me remembre the movie "Les choristes". Beautiful! 2013 09/19 09:59:53.2419624
CommenterDanee sang the Lord is My Shepherd for a very appreciative Lynden, WA church congregation last Sunday. 2013 02/20 04:33:36.5753592
Cliff Robinson
Danee is attending Dr.Harper's pedagogy class today as a test student for his students in the class getting first hand instruction that will provide education and insights as she takes on jer owm students.
2013 01/22 15:08:23.6565945
Cliff RobinsonDanee is attending her first year of University as a vocal performance major, as well as assisting Dr. Thomas Harper with his Vocal Pedagogy class at the University of Washington during her breaks when she continues to study with Dr. Harper. Support Danee's efforts by purchasing her songs from iTunes. 2013 01/19 12:11:44.7628341
Cliff RobinsonDanee is preparing for University in the fall of 2012 and will of course be studying classical voice. She is currently working to save money for school. Donations are welcome, if you wish to help with her schooling expenses. Contact for information on how to donate. Thank you.2012 07/31 15:37:20.8125970
Terry Younker
You have a beautiful voice. I can only compare you to Sarah Brightman. When you sing the highest notes (like Sarah) the tone and sound is so very wonderful, unlike others that just sound like screaming or screeching. I hope you continue in the music arts and get produce many albums, which I will anticipate and then buy with enthusiasm. You are great Danee. I wish you all the best.
2011 09/23 10:10:00.0000000
Clifford RobinsonEnglish comments only please.2011 08/19 21:14:42.6358597
CW - Amazon commentIf you're looking for heavy beat, and squealing guitars this isn't the album for you. If you are looking for calm and purity of tone, then you will feast on the music in this album. There is a pure timbre in this voice that is unsurpassed and according to notes on other places on the internet she is only sixteen. The songs range from the sacred of Gounod, Cesar Franck and others to contemporary composers such as Copland and Barber and you will absolutely love her renditions of Si t'intendo, the Pie Jesu from Faure's Requiem, as well as Andrew Lloyd Webber's Pie Jesu, where she apparently sings the duet against herself. She has selected a range of songs where each pulls at my heart. Her French songs of Debussy and Faure are breathtaking beautiful. The sweetness of Long Time Ago and Sure on This Shining Night I believe truly convey the composers' insights into the beauty of the world but also into life, and are so well sung. This is pure music. An absolutely gorgeous voice with piano accompaniment - no frills or fancy arrangements that tend to hide the vocal performance, just the naked sublime truth of a talent that easily rivals that of other well-known prodigies. The Italian, French, and Latin languages of songs in this album pose no boundaries because the music speaks directly to the heart as it takes flight and leaves you feeling a profound peace.2011 08/15 16:18:37.9683021
Rhonda NidenDanee is the featured artist at OMG Global (6/1/2011) This organization promotes music artists. The promotion featured danee's video of her performance at Benaroya Hall for the "Ten Grands Contest" on April 1st, 2011. 2011 06/01 15:43:29.6692623
Teresa M - SeattleDanee sang at my mother's memorial service and she was amazing. Her voice is clear and angelic. Many people commented on the amazing job she did with the "Ave Maria". She was accompanied by her father, Cliff, on piano and they make a great team. Very professional and easy to work with. -Teresa M, Seattle, WA (gig ID# 913095) 2011 06/01 15:39:44.8149319
Clifford RobinsonDanee was interviewed by David Cox of WCRFM radio located in Warminster Wilthire in the UK this morning. The interview included talk about her current album "Canto di gioia (Sing with joy)" with featured songs, what Danee is currently doing and her plans for the near future and tentatively scheduled another interview for June. David was a great host, and offered to show her album to a London-based station in a couple weeks. Let's hope they like it as their listener base is 8.5 million people, which would be wonderful exposure for Danee's talent.2011 05/15 00:30:07.9510874
AnonymousHi! I listened to "Nessum dorma" and it was really great Danee. Why don´t you sing "Think of me" and "Music of the night", songs from THe phatom of the opera. Thanks. Mario SILVA2011 04/26 20:38:11.6626925
space cowboyLet the ears hear your songs... and feel proud for it... be a star is not the same as being an artist... as you are, you representing. so you can get what you deserve as a muse. sing pop if you feel as pop singer but I would remember you for what you sang... success !!!2011 04/25 15:33:17.9897534
Mario SilvaDannee: I¨ve alaways thought that you will be on of the best classical singers in the future. I listen to your songs in Jango and I´m your fan. I´d like you to sing: "nessum Dorma" God bless you DANEE 2011 04/24 18:13:58.6596240
Mark Lajoie, Living WatersMy humble opinion? Classical more than pop. Not that you don't do a great job on pop. It's a question of compatibility, fit and being able to convey something. Much better fit on the classical side. 2011 04/24 17:08:43.6726152
Clifford RobinsonDanee performed to a sold-out crowd at Benaroya Hall in Seattle last Friday night. She, as one of the top ten finalists and the ONLY vocal finalist in the "Ten Grands Contest" was accompanied by 10 pianists and a string quartet - singing at their request "Nessun Dorma" the great tenor aria of Puccini. She received a standing ovation for her performance. We are in the process of trying to get a video of the actual performance and will post it if they comply with our request. The founders of this contest are the "Snowman Foundation" out of Portland, OR (USA). 2011 04/05 19:47:33.0378049
Clifford RobinsonWe've received word from Greg Tamblyn, the director of the contest, that Danee will be singing Puccini's "Nessun Dorma" to the accompaniment arrangement by Michael Harrison. The arrangement will include the other finalists in the "Ten Grands Contest" sponsored by Classic King FM. The performance will be on April 1st, 2011. See the events page for more information and a link to purchase tickets.2011 03/16 10:10:35.9048105
George-b Best of luck, hope that the votes will put you on stage: your voice does, beyond any doubt. I hope that some of the visitors at my site ( also voted for you. God Bless. George.2011 02/18 08:36:00.0889948
Clifford RobinsonThis weekend Danee sings as part of the WEMA All-State sponsored mixed choir singing -Josquin Des Prés' "Mille regretz de vous abandonner", William Barnum's "The Starts Stand Up In The Air", "Idumea" arranged by Richard Bjella, "Dance of Zálongo" arranged by Carol Barnett, "Plaudite tympana" by Heinrich Biber, Vaughan Williams "Lord, Thou has been our refuge", and Igor Stravinsky's "Symphony of Psalms". Lots of rehearal on Friday and Saturday, with the performances on Feb. 20 in Benaroya Hall at 10:30am, 3:30pm, and 7:30pm. Tickets available at http://www.wmea.org2011 02/16 12:09:46.1971208
Clifford RobinsonFrom: Dever, James [] Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2011 2:44 PM To: Dever, James Subject: The next stage Hello finalists, First of all, there are 13 of you due to a tie in the 12th position. Please see the schedule below for our shoots on Friday February 4th at the Experience Music Project. (Directions here.) We ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled start time to “settle in,” adjust hair and makeup, and relax. At your start time, we’ll conduct a soundcheck during which each of you will get a chance to run through your act. Then, we’ll bring the judges in to watch your performances. Those performances will be taped for broadcast on Evening Magazine. (Round 1 will air 2/8/11; Round 2 airs 2/15/11; Round 3 airs 2/22/11.) The time limit for your performance is up to 5 minutes. You may select a new song or routine, or perform one you’ve done already for the audition or the New Day Northwest showcase performance. Please provide us with any musical accompaniment you’ll require on a CD or digital file by Feb. 2nd. You can send them to me at the address below. You will be judged on your ability and stage presence. Our judging panel has not yet been finalized, but will include 3 well-regarded members of the local entertainment community. The EMP will be open to the public during the taping, and admission to the performance area, the Sky Church, is free. Invite as many friends and family as you like to cheer you on. The winner of each round will be asked to return for our final round, to be taped at the EMP on February 12, and broadcast as a special edition of Evening Magazine on March 1. Those 3 finalists will also receive a guaranteed audition with the producers of “America’s Got Talent” when they come to Seattle in early March, at a date still to be determined. More information to follow. Round 1 9:30am to 12:00 noon Johnny Gray Jen Seaman Liliana Peau Rishi’s Egypt Bellydance Company Danee Robinson Round 2 12:30pm to 3:00pm Meka White Andre Hall Josh Mundell Emily Randolph Round 3 3:30pm to 6:00pm May Palmer The Motherfunkers Danielle Tomlinson Ioana Destro Thanks and good luck! Jim Jim Dever “You’ve Got Talent” Producer KING-TV's Evening Magazine 333 Dexter Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109 (206)448-2971 2011 01/31 19:29:51.2257259
DariaI fell in love with your voice when I see you on tv Danee! Keep on doing what you are doing and soon it will be whole world feel the same way with me! Best of luck little angel!2011 01/19 16:43:23.00000000
Clifford RobinsonThis is the email Danee received from King TV: From: Dever, James [] Sent: Friday, December 24, 2010 12:42 PM To: Dever, James Subject: The Talented Twelve Congratulations! As determined by our viewers, you have been selected as one of the top 12 finalists for Evening Magazine's "You've Got Talent" competition. You will be contacted sometime before January 8 to schedule a live performance on New Day Northwest, which will be re-broadcast on Evening Magazine. These performances are exhibition-only, not evaluated by judges, and intended solely as entertainment for our audience. The next round of judging will take place at the Experience Music Project, before a panel of celebrity judges. The first round is scheduled for Friday, February 4th, and will likely require several hours of your time during the day. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have any conflict that would prevent you from attending that day. That day's competition will determine the final three contestants, who will perform in the final round scheduled for taping on Saturday February 12. We appreciate your talent and dedication. Best of luck to all of you, and Happy Holidays! Jim Jim Dever "You've Got Talent" Producer KING-TV's Evening Magazine 333 Dexter Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109 (206)448-29712010 12/24 16:46:00.00000000
MarioI know that you can be the next Sarah Brightman2010 11/29 19:16:51.00000000