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Danee Robinson is a 19 year old artist that came on the scene with the release of her album 'Canto di gioia' (Sing with joy) in 2010. Since its release she has been embraced by thousands of people around the world for her smooth, pure vocals and recognized as a talent equal to or even to surpass that of Hayley Westernra, Charlotte Church, Sarah Brightman and others.

There is a uniqueness about Danee's voice that sets her apart.  Unlike the breathy quality of so many voices,  Danee's voice has an unequaled lyric beauty, purity and clarity. Her singing brings a sweet tenderness as well as emotional power to a variety of musical genres spanning ballads, love songs, Popera, as well as esquisite renditions of a wide expanse of Classical repertoire in Italian, French, German, Latin and English.  

People have said that you will find yourself physically affected by her singing - breathing with her every breath and hanging on each note as her voice penetrates your soul.  As one commenter on Amazon said of Danee's first album:

"There are people who understand that music and mathematics are the language of the universe. But unlike a mathematical equation, you don't have to understand the words to appreciate the beauty of this album...Danee Robinson's voice fills my heart with peace and tranquility whenever I listen to her sing..."

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